14 Household Tricks That Can Really Hack Your Life

Attach double-sided duct tape to a brush or broom to collect all the hair from the floor.

It’s quite tiring to clean all the hair out of a brush or broom. You can kiss this chore goodbye for good by attaching double-sided duct tape to the bristles of the brush. This way, most of the loose hair will stick to it, and you’ll just have to remove the tape from the brush when you’re done cleaning and throw it away with the rest of the dirt.

You can drain pasta through a colander without putting pasta inside of it.

Actually, you don’t have to put pasta inside the colander to remove water from it. The more convenient way is pressing it against the saucepan top. This way, you won’t have to move the pasta back and forth. Besides, this method is handy when your sink is full of dirty

Cool pillowcases down in the freezer during hot weather.

If you don’t have air conditioning, you can make your night sleep better with the help of a cooled-down pillowcase. Just sprinkle a bit of water on one and place it in the freezer for about 20 minutes before putting it back on your pillows. It will be cool enough to ensure you sleep through the entire night.

You can freeze milk or dairy cream in ice cube bags.

This trick can be useful for those who love iced coffee, or when the shelf life of the milk is just around the corner. Additionally, frozen cream, as well as frozen broth or oil with herbs, can be used for cooking.

Do you have your own home life hacks that make your day-to-day routine easier? Share them in the comments below.

source: brightside

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