7 Money Saving Tips From the French That the Rest of the World Might Find Useful

Few people can really call thriftiness one of the national features of French people. This is because France is associated with a beautiful life and the ability to enjoy it. But in reality, the residents of this country sensibly split their expenses and set their own priorities.

We at Bright Side decided to learn about how rational the French really are and what allows them to save money without decreasing the quality of their life. In the bonus part, we will tell you how the residents of this country keep their lives in good shape and maintain a work-life balance.

1. They prefer inexpensive cars.

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In addition to the fact that the French are fans of their country’s auto industry, which produces Renault, Peugeot, and Citroen, most people prefer economy class cars or public transport. If there is a need for an expensive car, on a rare occasion, a French person will take out a loan to buy it. They will likely either opt for beneficial leasing or refuse to make the purchase altogether. French cities are not very comfortable for car drivers — the streets are narrow and there is always a chance that they’ll scratch the car. Still, local people have a philosophical attitude toward these inconveniences.“Went to Paris a few years ago, and I saw a girl parking a car. It was literally into a space where she had to bump someone back a bit, bump someone forward a bit, and repeat until she had enough room to get in. That’ll make your car look old and beaten up pretty quick.

In recent years, bicycles and electric scooters have been gaining popularity in French cities and a part of their residents, especially the youth, have shifted to this means of transport. Special rules are already being introduced for this mobile transport so as not to create accidents, although, at first, movement on electric scooters was not regulated in any way


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